The Shoe, the Saucer and the Treehouses

by LeenThijsse

I shot this series for Homestore on main land USA, and the treehouse in Hawaii.

The shoe house was built by a shoe salesman to give an edge to his profession by inviting people who bought a lot of shoes to the house for a weekend.

I shot the saucer when it was pouring rain. The mother and her young children went crazy from the sound of the rain on the epoxy from the hull of the saucer and she offered the saucer up for sale to me.

The treehouse in Hawaii was special. We had to travel for hours through riverbeds and across the mountains. When we arrived, we found a very sweet and fragile old lady who lived there. We told her we needed to cut some branches off the trees to make it more visible, she started to cry. So we decided to put some ropes on the branches and pull them away to make the treehouse more visible. It worked, the old lady was happy, and the shot was beautiful.

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