Cuba promo

by LeenThijsse

When I was shooting in the USA all the time, mostly working for US-based companies, I lived in Miami Beach, because that was a perfect location to fly cross-state from. One of my photographer friends moved to Cuba when the fun went out of Miami Beach. Years later, I visited him there and saw what an amazing place Cuba was and must have been. There where tons of gorgeous people there and the sun was always shining. So I decided to see if I could shoot some film footage there. A couple of jeans companies were interested, and we started producing. We casted some models, and a lot of dancers of which there are plenty in Cuba to entertain in hotel shows. Word got out that we were casting, and while we were sitting on The Malecon (boulevard or strip), scooters would stop when they saw us, and girls would start girls dancing for us to join our shoot. It was great fun. We travelled to beautiful locations and shot for days. I love Cuba for its people, its energy, and beauty.

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