know more about me

My career in the filmindustry started in 2013

I got an internship at Hazazah, a Amsterdam based production company that produces a lot of commercials. I was young. Just 19 years old and not quite sure what I wanted to do in life, so many options….. After my internship I got a job there as a production assistant that grew into junior production manager. After a few great years at Hazazah I left and started freelancing. Being in the office wasn’t really my cup of tea. I wanted to be closer to the camera.

When I was growing up there was always a camera around. Both my parents were award winning photographers. My father shot a lot of American advertising campaigns for large brands such as Nike, Audi, Cadillac, FedEx, U.P.S and my mother was a travel photographer.

Soon after I left Hazazah I got the chance to be a dolly grip thanks to Gripwise. I was back on set and in a great place. I loved working so close with the DP, both focused on getting the best shot. I got really inspired by the camera and all the people around it, learning so much about composition, lighting and movement because I was close to the camera, director, actors, DP and gaffer. Learning from the best people and really enjoying the work.

As a grip I would often help out steadicam operators on set. The steadicam really fascinated me because it gives you so much freedom of movement and a good steadicam shot has a way of really immersing you in a scene.

It took lot of practice, some trial and error and now I’ve become pretty good at it. I am very grateful to all the talented people that have helped me get to this point.

In 2021 I got my hands on my own RIG! Soon after I got the the opportunity to do a feature film as B cam and steadicam operator. I realised that this is what I want to do more and I’m looking forward to new projects as camera and steadicam operator.

my gear

My steadicam supports all film and digital cameras and has a maximum payload up to 25kgs. I believe this set is the best you can buy at the moment.

– Betz Tools Rig
– Steadicam Volt
– Flowcine xARM
– Flowcine xSPINE
– Transvideo Cinemonitor 8”
– Eartec intercom system
– Rain Protection
– Sunbounce wind killer
– Bebob Vlock batteries
– Power Cables for Arri, Sony, Red
– Magliner
– Camera Van

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