know more about me

My career in film started in 2013

I got an internship at Hazazah, a Amsterdam based production company that mainly produces commercials. After my internship I got a job there as a production assistant that grew into junior production manager. After a few years at Hazazah I left and started freelancing. Being in the office wasn’t for me I wanted to be on set, close to the camera.

Photography has always interested me. When I was growing up there was always a camera around. Both my parents were award winning photographers. My father shot a lot of American advertising campaigns for large brands such as Nike, Audi, Cadillac, FedEx, U.P.S and my mother was a travel photographer.

To gain experience on set I wanted to be close to the camera. Soon I got the chance to be a dolly grip. I loved working so close with the DP, both focused on getting the best shot. I got really inspired by the camera and all the people around it. Learning every day.

As a grip I would often help out steadicam operators on set. The steadicam really fascinated me because it gives you so much freedom of movement and a good steadicam shot has a way of really immersing you in a scene. Also this enabled me to be even closer to the camera and start operating myself.

I am very grateful to all the talented people that have helped me develop my skills, gave me the chance to operate the camera on set.

At the moment I’m mainly working on fiction productions as Camera operator and Steadicam operator.

my gear

– Betz Tools Rig
– Steadicam Volt
– Flowcine xARM
– Flowcine xSPINE
– Transvideo Cinemonitor 8”
– Eartec intercom system
– Rain Protection
– Sunbounce wind killer
– Bebob Vlock batteries
– Power Cables for Arri, Sony, Red
– Magliner
– Camera Van

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